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ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library)

Professional IT Service Management with ITIL®

Professional IT service management (ITSM) ensures that the IT infrastructure and information systems meet business and user requirements. IT service management is a key factor for a company’s success in global competition.

The most widely used framework for the conception, control, and optimization of business processes in the ITSM field is provided by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®): It is an open source description of best practices, i.e. tried and tested, approved and efficient processes and strategies. Due to consistent process orientation, ITIL® is scalable and can be used in medium-sized businesses as well as major companies.

Our Certification Courses

ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) - used for managing services

Based on the ITIL® 2011 Service Lifecycle, the participants will gain a thorough overview of the best practices leading to successful management of IT Services. Participants will master the ITIL® 2011 terminology and will learn to understand and assess the ways of managing and controlling IT Services. They will develop a good understanding of economic, organizational, and qualitative effects of the ITIL® “best practices” and learn to apply them to their businesses.

Based on this knowledge, the seminar participants will take the ITIL® 2011 Foundation exam in order to acquire the ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certificate.


The ITIL® 2011 Expert training includes all ITIL® 2011 Lifecycle modules necessary to achieve the ITIL® 2011 Expert level.

The following courses are based on the successful completion of the ITIL® Foundation, which is required to take part in the expert courses.


The ITIL® 2011 Expert Complete training includes all ITIL® 2011 training modules required to achieve the ITIL® 2011 Expert level.
The ITIL Expert package is available, even without the Foundation module, to all applicants who have already passed an ITIL® Foundation course. Please note, however, that a successful Foundation certification is a prerequisite for the Expert courses.
As far as the organizational and formal conditions permit, courses can be delivered in blocks and sufficiently streamlined to reduce the required attendance days. Accelerated knowledge building and the focus on really important aspects and their interaction ensure there is no loss of content or quality.

There is one simple rule: The first as well as the last course in the following list must be taken at the start and end of the training respectively. All other courses can be attended in any order.

Please contact us directly for more details on ITIL® Expert Complete. Our Team will organize the complete procedure with you and plan the details to suit your individual requirements.


Gaining additional relevant business certifications while still at university is becoming increasingly popular. Graduates naturally notice that companies prefer applicants who – along with a university education – hold skills that help them orientate themselves promptly in the complex world of an IT organization.

We are convinced that a close collaboration between practice and universities offers benefits to both parties involved. While we benefit from new impulses and ideas, students are given a great opportunity not only to extend their network and get in touch with business contacts at an early stage, but also to acquire practice-relevant additional qualifications that will significantly boost their career opportunities.

An overview of all universities we co-operate with can be found here.

The advantages:

  • The ITIL® Foundation seminar takes place at a university to allow the ITIL® content – unlike a regular introductory seminar – to additionally be reflected from a research and teaching perspective.
  • The course is free of charge for students at collaborating universities, only the examination fees are charged.
  • Participants from the industry may attend the course at the same rate as the 3 day ITIL® Foundation seminar.


The following course is based on the successful completion of the ITIL® Foundation.

The various tasks and activities during the ITIL® simulation provide the participants with experience and greater insight into the numerous ITIL® processes, all within the context of your organization. Through active participation, the participants experience the chances and consequences of implementing process-orientated methodologies, and learn to regard them from different perspectives.

The ITIL® Simulation activates and intensifies the valuable knowledge from the ITIL® Foundation training, and provides an excellent opportunity to apply the acquired fundamentals to the current company situation.

The learning process does not end with the ITIL® Simulation course, but is continued with the help of our trainers’ coaching and, of course, by the participants’ own experience.


By using ITIL® based service management you can achieve the following results:

  • Terms and workflows are standardised.
  • Costs are made transparent and decrease.
  • The quality of IT services is optimised to meet business requirements.
  • The users’ satisfaction increases.
  • Business risks caused by inadequate IT services are minimised.

Version 2011 of the IT Infrastructure Library embeds service management processes in an extensive IT services’ lifecycle. As a result, more controlling factors than before are taken into account in a combined model. ITIL® 2011 succeeds in combining effective service process design with the high demands of IT governance.

ITIL® is becoming a standard in German speaking countries. ITIL® skills are therefore important to both leading executives and all parties involved in service. The qualification and motivation of the employees are the key factors to success. Only a clear understanding of the processes and one’s own role within them can guarantee a smooth co-operation and the mutual orientation towards the customer’s benefit.

Booking and Information

If you would like to book a course or have any questions regarding our services, please contact us.

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Training Services
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