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DevOps consists of a set of industry practices aimed at improving the collaboration and communication between software development and IT operations departments.  As a result, the development lifecycle of systems can be shortened and software releases aligned with business objectives can be delivered faster, better and cheaper.

Developers and managers usually have different concepts and goals regarding productive application deployment and maintenance. These different goals and concepts can result in delays, disturbances or even failures with business relevant consequences.

DevOps provides a solution on the cultural and organisational level to address these problem areas within a company and to break down the development and operations silos. The three frameworks Scrum, IT Service Management and Lean are the basic blocks of DevOps.

Our Certification Courses


Based on the DevOps principles, participants will gain a thorough overview of DevOps practices. They will be introduced to the DevOps terminology and learn the basic concepts, terms, principles and tools of DevOps as well as related frameworks.

Participants will develop a good understanding of the necessity of a DevOps communication and collaboration culture, and learn to adapt such a culture to their own company.

Based on this knowledge, the seminar participants will take the PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals exam in order to acquire the DevOps Fundamentals Certificate.


The following course is based on the successful completion of the PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals course.

Based on the DevOps Foundation course, the Certified Agile Service Manager course deepens knowledge on agile concepts and practices, such as IT Service Management, Lean, Kanban and DevOps toolchain. Participants will develop a thorough understanding of the Agile Manifesto, its core value and principles as well as Scrum-roles, -artefacts and -meetings.

Participants will be able to plan, implement, validate and maintain the DevOps transformation for their own business using DevOps concepts, terms, principles and tools.

Based on this knowledge, the participants will take the PeopleCert DevOps Leadership exam in order to acquire the DevOps Leadership Certificate.


Booking and Information

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