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Design Thinking Foundation

The Design Thinking Foundation Programme

Get to know Design Thinking basics and dive into the world of innovation.

The two-day Design Thinking Foundation aims to provide well-founded insights into the Design Thinking process and its characteristics and methods both theoretically and practically. To make Design Thinking tangible and experienceable, its practical application is essential. On the first day, we therefore first enter the world of creativity from the perspective of Design Thinking in order to apply the newly acquired knowledge the next day.

Therefore, we support the knowledge transfer through many small practical applications on the first day and spend the second day on a trial workshop. This is a practical experience of how the theoretical foundation is implemented and how a workshop is planned, carried out and reflected upon. This includes how the course participant can design innovations methodically and user-centered.

Contents of the training days are:

A) Introduction to Design Thinking:

  • What is Design Thinking
  • What are the principles and characteristics of Design Thinking
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Design Thinking

B) The four success factors of design thinking:

  • Design and importance of the Design Thinking Space
  • The right composition of a Design Thinking Team
  • The Design Thinking process and its most common methods and techniques for the solution and problem space
  • Necessary framework conditions for the successful application of Design Thinking

C) Design of a Design Thinking Workshop

  • The importance of warm-ups and their categories
  • What’s a jam session?
  • Planning, implementation and reflection of a workshop
  • Moderation aids and important factors of a workshop, such as visual thinking, time boxing, idea and feedback culture

D) The role of Design Thinking experts

  • The role, responsibilities and tasks of the Design Thinking Moderator and Design Thinking Coach

No previous knowledge of the topic is required to participate in the Design Thinking Foundation course!

Design Thinking Foundation

Design Thinking Foundation seminar

price per participant: 1195 € (0% VAT included)
duration: 2 days
language: German
exam: included in the price (German)

All seminars include the following:

Booking and Information

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