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Data Protection

The basics for data protection officers

The European Data Protection Act is now current European Law. The 25th May 2018 marked the end of the transitional period. It is possible for the supervisory authorities to check the data protection processes of a company according to the EU-DSGVO, penalise infringements and issue warnings and fines.

Our seminars will give the participants an overview of the goals and processes of the EU-DSGVO, as well as a step-by-step insight into actual procedures. This way they will be able to map the procedural landscape in a data protection compliant way and act according to documentation obligations.

The seminar Data Protection Officer contains of two modules and a certified DEKRA exam can be taken at the end to obtain the certificate “Data Privacy Specialist” – both modules can be booked independently but it is mandatory for the exam after module 2 to have prior taken part in module 1.

Our Certification Courses

Data Protection - the basics for data protection officers

This compact seminar (“Crash Course”) gives the participants a fast and lasting insight into the basics of the EU-DSGVO. Following the seminar, they will be able to handle the terminology and processes safely and thoroughly as well as document the handling of personal data within their organisation.



During this two-day course, the participants will get a well-grounded and detailed insight into data protection and the EU-DSGVO, which is the basis for an appointed data protection officer. The seminar covers the basics of data protection on the basis of the EU-DSGVO with the contents:

  • Principles of data protection
  • Legitimacy of data processing
  • Consent
  • Personal data
  • Rights of the person concerned
  • The data protection officer (internal & external)
  • Data protection impact assessment
  • List of processing activities
  • Notification requirements
  • Outsourcing: Order data processing/function transfer
  • International order processing
  • Sanctions
  • Warranty goals
  • Processing security
  • Standard data protection model of the supervisory authorities
  • Implementation of the EU-DSGVO
  • Data Protection Management System
  • Customer data protection
  • Employee data protection
  • Data protection in receivables management

The seminar participants will acquire a Certificate of participation at the end of Module 1. A DEKRA exam and certification as “Data Privacy Specialist” can only be obtained once successful participation of both Module 1 and Module 2 has been completed.


The base for this two-day course is the successful completion of Module 1 and focuses giving the participants an insight in information security. They will get a foundation in IT-security and cover the topics of information security and information security management, presented with practical examples. Furthermore participants will learn about ISO 27000 and 27001 as well as the requirements that an ISMS (information security management system) must meet.

The following topics in particular are covered in Module 2:

  • Employee data protection
  • Contract data processing
  • IT Management
  • Information security or IT management?
  • Information Security Management
  • IT Liability
  • Exercises
  • Exam preparation
  • Exam / Certification

Based on this knowledge, the seminar participants will take an exam in order to acquire the DEKRA Certificate “Data Privacy Specialist” for both modules combined.


Your benefits

Our seminars will offer you a thorough introduction into data protection and the following relevant topics:

  • Guidelines and priciples of the EU-DSGVO
  • Legal basis and permissions
  • Special categories of personal data and their impact
  • Technical data protection of the EU-DSGVO
  • 7 steps to implement the new rules of data protection
  • DEKRA exam with certificate after successful participation in both seminars data protection officer (module 1) and data protection officer (module 2)

Booking and Information

If you would like to book a course or have any questions regarding our services, please contact us.

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Training Services and Quality Management
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