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Sourcing Evaluation

With us at your side, you lay the foundation for a successful outsourcing respectively the reintegration of outsourced processes or functions. Using company and divisional analysis, we evaluate and identify technology sourcing options and develop in conjunction with you a suitable sourcing strategy for the progressive digitalization of your company.

The first step of our analysis is a health check, which enables us to obtain a high-level overview of your overall status from a sourcing perspective. With these findings we gain a first insight into your current sourcing strategy for Information Technology and its optimization potential. Based on the results of the health check, we conduct a SWOT analysis which results in a recommendation of optimized sourcing strategies and recommendations for their implementation.

On the basis of the identified opportunities and strengths compared to the weaknesses and risks they face, we assist you in determining the sourcing strategy for your information technology. The goal is a long-term alignment of technology sourcing with your strategic goals so that successful and value-adding sourcing cycles are established.

Evangelos Kopanakis
Managing Director b-pi
+49 221 964 346 31