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Sourcing Management

Digitalization and structural change are challenging companies to rethink their sourcing strategy. In the course of digital business models, the question of which competencies must be outsourced, and which must be kept in-house or even retrieved is becoming increasingly important. It is not unusual for “make-or-buy” decisions of the past with regard to technological competence to be reconsidered and adapted to the future.

Using company and divisional analysis, we evaluate and identify options for sourcing of technologies and develop a sourcing strategy that meets the requirements and market needs. We assume responsibility for the management of tenders and outsourcing risk management. To this end, we use our holistic and standardized approach based on proven industry practices. This enables an efficient tendering process and establishes an effective management and control unit (retained organisation) for the management and governance of the vendor relationship. By constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the sourcing strategy and supplier performance, we optimize the sourcing and supply processes for technology-based services.

Our certified consultants have several years of experience in technology selection and sourcing as well as in drafting and negotiating outsourcing contracts and have worked on both the client and supplier side. They not only deliver concepts, but also implement them in projects with our customers.

Sourcing Evaluation

With us at your side, you lay the foundation for a successful outsourcing respectively the reintegration of outsourced processes or functions. Using company and divisional analysis, we evaluate and identify technology sourcing options and develop in conjunction with you a suitable sourcing strategy for the progressive digitalization of your company.


Tender Management

The aim of tender management is the holistic execution of the purchasing process of information technology. Starting with the definition of the service objectives, continuing with the preparation of the tender documents, up to the selection of service providers and the conclusion of the contract - we support you with our holistic and standardized approach based on proven industry practices.


Vendor Management

Vendor management is the central, responsible controlling authority for all activities relating to sourcing contracts with vendors and is therefore an essential competence of the retained organisation for controlling these vendors. For this purpose, a professional and technical assessment capability must remain within the company.


Vendor Governance

In vendor governance, we holistically monitor the measures of the vendor management for information technology, with the aim of sustaining an efficient and competitive procurement strategy or adapting it to new developments.


Evangelos Kopanakis
Managing Director b-pi
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