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Sourcing and Vendor Management

In the age of digitalisation, the question which competencies should be outsourced and which should be provided in-house, or even retrieved, becomes more and more strategically important. Sourcing decisions of the past must frequently be revised. We help clients find answers to these questions. We determine a sourcing strategy with the client and guide them through the out- and in-sourcing process, and development of the required structures. We support businesses as independent consultants in the search for the right providers and their optimal integration in the company’s IT services landscape.

Our SGF® certified consultants have many years of experience in the field of outsourcing, and have worked on both the customer and supplier sides. They not only provide concepts, but also implement these in projects with our clients. Once the decision to outsource is made, they accompany the bidding as well as the transition process – i.e. from the decision for various outsourcing models, identification of suitable vendors and drawing up of contracts, up to the development of a Retained Organisation (RTO), which serves as an interface coordinating service providers. We thus ensure that the agreed services are not only provided, but can be further developed in the future.

Evangelos Kopanakis

Evangelos Kopanakis
Managing Director b-pi
+49 221 964 34 63-1