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Security and Data Protection

Altered threat scenarios in information security pose great challenges for businesses these days. The inevitable digital transformation leaves many organisations more vulnerable to cyber criminality. At the same time, legal restrictions in the more traditional sectors such as banking, utilities and the motor industry have also increased. These changes require an integrative approach. We understand how security requirements translate into business processes, organisation structures and applications. We help our clients to meet the challenge of implementing a sustainable IT security framework.

We help develop an integrated management system for information security (Information Security Management System, ISMS) and data protection (Data Protection Management System, DPMS). The integrated management system satisfies all relevant security information security and data protection issues in one complete framework of policies, processes and controls. It complies with the ISO 27001 standard and meets the requirements of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

As an accredited training organisation, we train our consultants as ISO 27001 Foundation and Practitioner certified professionals, and train our clients’ staff if required. We also help our clients install the position of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), responsible for all information security topics in the field of Governance, Risk & Compliance. We then increase the client’s staffing capacity to populate the new structures. Our experienced and certified consultants develop and implement sustainable security and data protection solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Furthermore we offer the opportunity of a training as a certified data protection officer to our clients’ staff.

Björn Bausch
Managing Director b-pi sec
+49 221 964 34 63-38