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Innovation Management

Disruptive technologies, global competition and increasing specialization threaten established business models and present decision makers across industries with major challenges. The resulting transformation of business models requires a deep understanding of agile and cross-functional working methods and has an impact on corporate culture. Business processes and products need to be systematically checked for added value through innovation.

Companies and teams need competencies and systematic approaches to cope with complexity, creativity and new ways of working. A vertical understanding of the products – from IT infrastructure to business applications and business processes – must be achieved. Only then can both the functional contextual and the technological innovation be successful.

In our workshops, but also as innovation consultants or design thinking coaches, we inspire you for the innovation process and its dynamics. We make changes in products and processes tangible and tangible to experience through methods such as Design Thinking. In cycles we design together with you an innovative work culture for the entire company.

Evangelos Kopanakis
Managing Director b-pi
+49 221 964 346 31