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Digital Architecture

These days, clients of traditional companies are expecting the level of availability of information, services, changes and platforms along with a very high agility that formerly only startups would provide. Competitive pressure demands swift action. With b-pi’s support, you quickly can adapt to an increasingly dynamic market – don’t wait too long, as many others already did this step forward!

A key factor to meet these requirements is a Digital Architecture with a high integration level, speed and continuous service provision.

b-pi supports you in optimising and adapting your architecture by means of integration layers, so that your backends (“Systems of Records” (SoR)) work smoothly with your modern frontends (“Systems of Engagement” (SoE)). They will first be analysed, isolated and then linked together intelligently by the use of latest state-of-the-art technology, thus providing a foundation for your agile future.

Evangelos Kopanakis

Evangelos Kopanakis
Managing Director b-pi
+49 221 964 34 63-1