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Operational Compliance Management

The objective of OCM is to improve awareness of all legislation, guidelines, contractual arrangements and obligations in the form of voluntary codices relevant to IT operations, and to guarantee their compliance.

Our CMs provide support for impending internal and external IT audits. Within these audits, we communicate directly with the IT auditors and co-ordinate all auditing activities. We can therefore ensure the quality of all kinds of communication (e.g. appointments, transmission of evidence), and assist employees throughout the entire auditing process as well as in the subsequent processing of findings. Our CMs also accompany compliance projects and provide support for audit compliant control activities and recertification measures.

Our OCMs have many years of practical experience in IT compliance and IT audit management. They have expertise in IT audit standards and are certified in the relevant best practices such as COBIT®. As SPoC for all audit and compliance issues within an IT manager’s responsibilities, we plan new measures to improve your IT compliance, and guarantee their successful implementation. In this way, you can support and improve your internal control system (ICS).

Evangelos Kopanakis
Managing Director b-pi
+49 221 964 346 31