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Architecture and Service Management

A future-proof IT Architecture and a sustainable Service Management are the most important foundation for all other topics of IT management. In the age of digitalisation, they are the backbone of business processes and the basis for transformation through technology into new business areas. However, in many companies, these structures have simply evolved over time. Any attempt to gain an overall view of the individual IT services and components proves a great challenge. This information is, however, essential for a company to make sound IT decisions, whether regarding sourcing, resource control or the assignment of roles and responsibilities.

We help our clients to build these core competencies – from the joint design of a future-proof IT architecture down to the implementation of individual IT services and the production of professional service descriptions. Our consultants work with clients on their projects, applying Best Practices such as TOGAF®, ITIL® and DevOps. We also provide support for the necessary organisational changes and required staff resource development. As an accredited ITIL® training organisation, we train our clients‘ employees if required. Our consultants pass on their expertise and ensure that these competencies are firmly embedded in the client’s organisation.

We combine ITIL® and DevOps to develop competencies for agile IT organisation that supplies IT services with varying speed and availability. We develop concepts to meet these requirements, and implement them in cooperation with the internal employees.

Architecture Transition

Architecture Transition (ACT) provides a corporation’s strategic IT architecture even under complex conditions, while maintaining full control, planning certainty and the desired quality. According to your requirements, our architects and transition managers direct the service provision from the initial requirement analysis through the architecture design up to operation deployment. The ACT Service is brought to…


Service Delivery Management

Service Delivery Management (SDM) guides the provision of IT services “End-to-End” from the initial demand analysis through service design to implementation and transformation in operations. Full cost control and planning certainty are guaranteed and the focus is always on financial and timed targets. The SDM Service is brought to you by employees who are ITIL®…

Dr. Stefan Zickenheiner

Dr. Stefan Zickenheiner
Managing Director b-pi
+49 221 964 34 63-2