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The ability to innovate with technology has become a critical core competence for companies in all industries and the public sector The introduction of new technologies creates space for business innovation, which in turn drives the further development of technologies.

Our services are tailored to this area of tension.

Together with our customers’ employees, we systematically evaluate the innovation potential of products and processes using digital technologies. Our experts design and manage the selection process, negotiations and transition to the use of new IT services for enterprise IT and cloud computing.

Through targeted and adaptive project management, our project teams make sure that all necessary results are delivered successfully and in a beneficial manner. In addition, we ensure that the associated risks are identified and controlled and that legal and regulatory requirements are met.

In this way we address all critical factors for the innovative, sustainable and profitable use of IT services by our customers. Our experts and teams are motivated, reliable, well-trained and experienced partners at your side.

Have a look at our advisory services in detail or make a self-assessment with our Health Checks.

Your contact persons for our services

Evangelos Kopanakis

Founder and managing director of b-pi.
Responsible for the service areas Innovation, Sourcing and Compliance, as well as the Training Academy.
+49 221 964 346 31

Dr. Stefan Zickenheiner

Managing director of b-pi.
Responsible for the service areas Technology Advisory and Project Management, as well as Research Cooperation with Universities.
+49 221 964 346 32

Björn Bausch

Authorized Signatory at b-pi.
Managing Director of b-pi sec.
Responsible for Sales and Partner Management.
+49 221 964 346 338