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Team & Partners

We assign experienced and highly qualified trainers, managers and consultants to our projects, relying on our own staff, experts from our network, and strategic partners:


APMG-International specialises in the accreditation and certification of organizations, processes, and persons in various management disciplines. APMG applies professional accreditation processes and continues to develop these with 3 clear objectives:

  • To ensure that the organizations accredited by APMG earn a high level of trust on the market.
  • To support the organizations accredited by APMG with the further development and distribution of their services.
  • To ensure that unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles are avoided whilst retaining the high quality of rigorous accreditation processes.

We have confidence in APMG, and are accredited as a training organization for ITIL© courses by APMG-International (ATO).


PEOPLECERT is one of the leading organizations in the certification and accreditation industry.

The company globally certifies people, products, processes and services in various management methods, while placing a high value on quality, integrity and credibility.
By doing this and with the help of online exams they offer a consistent, objective and comparable competence evaluation and a hassle free exam experience.

We are PEOPLECERT’s partner, and accredited as an ATO by them for conducting DevOps® certification courses.


ANOTHER MONDAY is a leading provider in the field of Intelligent Process Automation, with extensive experience in the areas Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Mobile Integration.

RPA defines an intelligent software, which is able to deal with repetitive, time-intensive and everyday tasks and therefore reduces the workload of employees. Even though the software robot does not replace the present software systems of a company, it optimises the existing software architecture and also takes charge of processing data and documents.

We are ANOTHER MONDAY’s partner and can therefore count on their expertise within the area of Business Process Digitalisation to incorporate their RPA-technologies into digitalisation strategies we develop for our clients.

Other Partners: